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A weekly report to answer clinically relevant questions by summarizing the most recent evidence

This information is intended for healthcare providers

This website complements the weekly report and houses the full list of references used to answer the clinical questions addressed in the newsletter.

The information presented is produced by a collaboration of fellows, residents, medical students, graduate students, faculty lead, and librarians from the University of Manitoba and the Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases community.

The information presented reflects the data that is currently available to us. In the context of a pandemic where rapid dissemination of information is essential, we have included information from evolving medical literature which may be awaiting peer-review.

Acknowledgement to the following past and current contributors (alphabetical order): 

Fellows: Carl Boodman, Thomas Fear, Santina Lee, Milena Semproni, Robert Taylor

Residents: Karen Ballinger, Alastair Fung

Medical Students: Karam Al-Bayati, Yohanna Asghedom, Emma Avery, Lauren Bath, Kristen Braun, Sandeep Devgan, Ihor Hayda, Roy Hutchings, Josh Jones, Suhyun Kim, Daniel Kroft, Grace MacEwan, Tony Mao, Erin McAndrew, Andrew McDermid, Junyi Mei, Pam McIntosh, Amanallah Montazeripouragha, Kari Parsons, Neil Reed, Prabjot Singh, Sarah Smith, Helen Teklemariam, Lana Tennenhouse, Sarah Tougas, Kayan Xu, Albert Yeung, Antonia Zhu

Graduate Students: Meagan Allardice, Hossaena Ayele, Ali Doucet, Jasmine Frost, Toby Le, Shirin Moossavi, Jennifer Myskiw, Brayden Schindell

Librarians: Nicole Askin, Maureen Babb, Orvie Dingwall, Mê-Linh Lê, Janice Linton, Hal Loewen, Caroline Monnin, Christine Neilson, Angela Osterreicher, Janet Rothney 

Staff Advisor: Dr. Jared Bullard

Website Design: Santina Lee, Dr. WIlliam Li

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