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We would like to highlight the ongoing clinical trials occurring in Manitoba. Many of these trials are also occurring in other Canadian provinces.

COVID-19 PEP RCT - Canada (currently Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba)

  • PEP = Post-exposure prophylaxis

  • Study comparing hydroxychloroquine to placebo to determine if it is effective in preventing the onset or progression of COVID-19 disease.

  • Recruitment of:

    • Individuals ​with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19

    • Household member exposed to someone with COVID-19

    • Healthcare worker with high risk exposure to a COVID-19 case

  • Enrollment is online

  • For more information on the study and to enroll visit

PrEP for SARS-CoV-2 RCT - Canada (Manitoba and soon Quebec) in conjunction with the University of Minnesota

  • PrEP = Pre-exposure prophylaxis 

  • Study to investigate whether hydroxychloroquine can help prevent COVID-19 disease

  • Recruitment of healthcare workers at high risk of of COVID-19 exposure

    • Individuals primarily ​working in emergency departments

    • Individuals primarily working in intensive care units

    • Individuals performing aerosol generating procedures

    • Individuals working in a long-term care facility with a previous or current outbreak of COVID-19

    • First responders

  • For more information on the study and to enroll visit

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